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what a lazy sunday. what a retro day!

the fun we had, the laughs we share, the polaroids we take

it goes a long long way.

i love polaroid

the memories live on forever

let it soar and take flight

same place. many chats.

i still think i look good in wayfarers

model attitude

looking sheepish

showcasing my great photography skills

i aint posing, was just singing


“look ma! im driving with no hands!”

yes we all noe my dear patrick is cute. why do i see a housefly on the foreground?

oooo…the food smells good

and damn it tastes better.


la felicidad dentro de [Spanish] : happiness within

the pursuit of happiness aint difficult. and so i realised.

all these while it seemed a goal to me. a goal to pursue, to achieve. and at many times i grow obsessed to attain happiness. to make sure you are happy with me. to constantly remind myself we must be happy.

to such extent, its paranoia.

before you know me, i was dubbed a “questionnaire” by many. very appropriate. a questionnaire will only serve its purpose after an action’s been done, an experience felt. a present reflection of the past.

but all along i’ve been reflecting upon nothing. just dwelling in repetitive questions. questions which i know will garner a generic response. questions which i thought i need to ask because only then i will know.

one day you denied me an answer.

but this denial is all the answer i truly need. 

to realise.

its not about the questions. its not about seeking happiness. truth is, it comes from within. it only comes if you stop thinking about it, and just enjoy and cherish time together.

to live life and enjoy every moment. to share a laugh out loud like never before. to yawp at each other even the Himalayans can hear. to talk cock cos its really fun to.

this is happiness. la felicidad dentro de.

happiness within.


so much for edwin’s hype and anticipation towards del mar.

turns out to be a real downer.

1. the sun bed costs $100.

2. the people there (mostly angmohs) are either damn obese.

3. or anorexic.

4. we will end up the only asians, or rather, normal looking people around.

so in the end settled for good old coastes. nice chicken wing. i have my beloved Heineken. what a beautiful day.

blading was real fun. especially a bunch of noobs trying to blade on a super rough terrain as siloso’s. the boss gave the “i know u guys cannot make it and don’t expect a refund” look. he even preempt us about the “no refund” policy. well, we proved him wrong.

finally got to see Mel!!! and yes, back to good old JC days; khng will just pester her and start talking utter nonsense.

dinner was at this VERY NICE PLACE which i shant reveal. not now. thanks khng! now i know of a great hideout for lazy sundays =P

till then, let the pictures do the talking.

and andrew, this question’s for u:

“can we allow bashing? its really tempting =P”

yes. road kills we were.

edwin’s legs look warped

no idea where i got my pose from

the only idiots who blade at sentosa…us!

i took this while chasing after khng. not bad eh?

joyride. damn fun.

my joyride driver, MEL!

edwin and his long lost relative

zee, tam

say hello to carbs

i think this is a nice angle. edwin don’t u agree?

good old coastes

dinner place. waitin for drool.

this hideout rocks my socks.

good cheap food!



the names u call.


many more.

fine with me. but please don’t hurt others.




i live easier without you.


hope time will be kind on you.

cos time will heal.

take good care.





21/21will be unique cos of you.

thank you.


with the guys

and the girls

yes andrew you can do your “vector-man” with this pic

joyce, farhan, sarah, azmi, qiaos

looking slightly retarded

i love this pic. damn creative.

drool’s high on saltwater. edwin’s just random.

nonetheless, my besties =)

and yes. this is my message to the mastermind behind the whole “kidnap”.

thank you. you know i love you too.


qiaos with horsey


swear its damn hard posing for the cameras

ql looks like a fascinated lil girl

yes. sweaty and happy.

nice pic rite. not taken by me.


21st June: i turned 21. all through this year I’ve been to a couple of 21st bash. sometimes i really wonder what will mine be like. honestly, my family stopped celebrating my birthday when i was at a relatively young age; around 8 if i could recall. used to remember those days where each birthday will be commemorated with a LEGO playset and a simple fruit cake. those little figurines were really my favourite and i could not wait for the next birthday to beef up my arsenal.

so years went by and the tradition of celebrating birthday fades away. kinda to that extent where they do not even remember the date anymore. not that i care that much either way. years on and I’ve really broaden my social network. not just classmates, cca-mates, council friends, volunteer friends, even ns friends. i’ve cross paths with more individuals, with each a special bond created.

my life is like a train. and i, the train operator.

people from all walks of life, different social circles, different network, hop on for a ride. but no matter how far the journey, it will always be a brief sojourn. at some point, they will alight.

have always admired people who have a really close clique of friends. i’ve never truly had a clique of my own, and neither capable of having one.

i’m a train operator who cares too much about the journey ahead. where to go, what to do next.i’ve never stop and enjoy the journey with my passengers. as a result, ultimately i’m all alone. i’ve no one but myself to blame.

so on 21 i turned 21. it will be the birthday lest i forget. it was a relatively simple affair. but it was unforgettable. the train operator spent his 21st birthday with his passengers. some of this passengers whom he just met, but really kind enough to help plan the surprise.

more importantly, to some passengers, this unique group. (you know who i’m talking about). i used to think i’ve found my clique, and will continue thinking so. but over the space of 2 years, i’ve lost it. and yes i regret it. but you guys stayed through; stayed throughout the journey.

i’m just really lucky i’ve never lost you guys. and i’ll never lose it again.

lastly, to my love. thank god. you appeared in my life. cos for without you. this silly train operator will never know when to stop. cos for without you, 21 on 21 will never be this way.

to everyone who i’ve ever met in this life. thank you. for without you, this train will be empty.

to my parents, i love you. for without you, this train will not exist.

thank you. =)


on 21 i turn 21. today i received my first birthday present, from my two tuition kids. thank you peiling and shiying!

though its just a card, and from the looks of it, seem somewhat like a petition for lesser tuition homework and scoldings, but it was a really thoughtful gesture. smiled at myself sheepishly for quite some time, and suddenly realised the true feeling of accomplishment as a mentor. it was nothing expensive, but the happiness was priceless.

thank you, students. study hard and study smart cos your efforts will reap fruits. and that’s the best present which you can offer.

suddenly occured to me that this aint my first present. in fact, i have received many presents. these presents are presents of love showered upon me. often intangible, omnipresent, even perpetual, but more often we’re tied up with mundane minute issues in life to neglect it.

from my parents. from my friends. from my love. or anyone who even thought of me, one way or another.

thank you. well. i dunno how exactly to. or rather, have no means to. its far beyond any scope of calculation. i suppose the best way to express my thanks is not just appreciating, but to give in return.

because of your constant existence, everyday is a birthday to me.

and all this love, it will be the first and only present i ever need.

(yes. really poetic and emotional. but dun quote me direct. presents in kind are very much welcomed and appreciated as well =P )


metamorphosis … from man to butterfly?


more like housefly.